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Thyroid issues are one of the most commonly linked health concerns to weight gain and obesity. Thyromine is a product that claims to be able to aid you in your weight loss goals by helping to either correct your current thyroid issue or to act as a pre-emptive measure in an effort to protect you from any issues that may bud later on. Thyromine says that there are 11 million Americans who currently suffer from a thyroid disorder, and it has been connected of course to weight gain, cholesterol, and various other problems.


There is a modicum of evidence that one of Thyromine’s main ingredients, iodine, has some positive effects on a thyroid that is struggling with a thyroid disorder.


There are two basic types of thyroid disorders. Most thyroid disorders are so mild actually that you won’t even notice it, and even with most severe thyroid disorders, it would have a mild effect at best on weight. This being said, you can either have an underactive thyroid which is what they talk about, or you can have an overactive thyroid, which would actually put your metabolism at a higher level, too high. There are various other symptoms associated with real disorders, and these are actually relatively rare, not nearly as common as they try to make it sound. This being said, if you have a thyroid disorder, you need medical attention. However, if you have a basically healthy thyroid, obviously most thyroid disorders have a relatively small effect on metabolism and fat. Treating a disorder you don’t have will have a small effect at best.


This product is not to be taken in lieu of prescribed medicines for the treatment of thyroid disorders. If you have a thyroid disorder this product is of no use to you as a medical regimen. If you do not have a thyroid disorder this product is of no use to you as a weight loss supplement. You would do better to find a product with established ingredients that isn’t trying to sell you on some half-formed medical theory.

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