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Coming with a free bottle of the 3 Day Detox to jump start your weight loss, Lipofuze is the only formula that can help you to lose up to 10 pounds in your first 7 days! It helps you to defeat the idea that diet and exercise is the only way, because it seems like your body always works against you when you try to do that. In fact, there have been some reports of even 100 pounds, which is not often legitimately found with most diet pills.

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Rev XP

Rev XP
Rev XP is a weight loss supplement in the form of a fat burner. The advertising department for Rev XP calls their product a “breakthrough in advanced thermogenic compounds.” Fat burners work by boosting the bodies metabolic rate in order create the need for the fat stores to be burned for energy. Rev XP states that their superior blend is created with the use of a “unique” formulation that some of their sellers refer to as an “ephedra replacement.” Some of Rev XP’s ingredients include green tea, cocoa bean extract, yerba mate, dandelion leaf/root, and caffeine. This product retails for about $49.99.


Rev XP does contain some proven fat burners with established thermogenic propensities. Caffeine and green tea are among some of the most studied and utilized ingredients in the weight loss industry. They have both been thoroughly studied and there is no doubt that they can both have an element of fat burning ability when utilized in doses of 400mg or more.


None of the mentioned ingredients are original or “unique” for a weight loss formula. As a matter of fact they are pretty much the standard. The problem with Rev XP is that it doesn’t utilize its worthwhile ingredients in the proper amounts. This product lists its ingredients in a proprietary blend which makes it impossible to determine the exact portion per ingredient. These blends are so small that it seems unlikely that any effective amount of even one of the above ingredients could have been utilized here. This product also comes with the usual side effect warnings of insomnia, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting and headaches.


Rev XP is a product that has been poorly engineered. This product does not contain enough of the ingredients that are necessary to facilitate what they refer to as an “advanced” and “unique” compound. This formula is sub-standard. We suggest finding a product that has more substantial ingredients in proven amounts. We do not recommend the use or purchase of Rev XP.

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