Lipofuze's Top Diet Pill of 2013

Coming with a free bottle of the 3 Day Detox to jump start your weight loss, Lipofuze is the only formula that can help you to lose up to 10 pounds in your first 7 days! It helps you to defeat the idea that diet and exercise is the only way, because it seems like your body always works against you when you try to do that. In fact, there have been some reports of even 100 pounds, which is not often legitimately found with most diet pills.

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Celebrity Juice Diet

Celebrity Juice Diet

Calling itself “America’s #1 selling detox drink”, the Celebrity Juice Diet is a premade option designed to help you to cleanse and detoxify without having to mix up your own detox or for that matter having to suffer quite as much.

Celebrity Juice Diet brags about its great taste and of course the idea that it has revolutionary hoodia, which is common enough.

Why shouldn’t you combine a cleanse with an appetite suppressant? Logically speaking, it would stop you from feeling hungry all the time (which is pretty common with detox diets), and of course, the idea of losing up to 5 pounds in 24 hours is not that uncommon among detoxes.

How Long Will the Celebrity Juice Diet Results Last?

5 pounds in 24 hours, 10 pounds in 48 hours? You have to know that no matter what you are using, if you lose that much in that short a time, the results are not going to last. Unfortunately, all that you are actually losing is water weight. Still, detoxers have been known to lose quite a bit of weight in a short period of time and keep it off. Take the results associated with the Master Cleanse.

Does the Celebrity Juice Diet Work?

In an ideal world, you could just drink a bunch of juice (and pay a fortune for someone else to make it for you) and lose weight. But the Celebrity Juice Diet just requires you to starve yourself. It actually has more sugar than a healthy fruit juice that is typically used to cleanse. In other words, you will only be adding more calories that may make you fat.


Hoodia is not clinically proven to do anything, just in case you were wondering. And that is the key thing that supposedly separates Celebrity Juice Diet from a regular homemade juice diet, along with the fact that the Celebrity Juice Diet has a lot of excess sugar and other harmful additives. You can pay for it sure, but is all of that really worth it to you?

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