Lipofuze's Top Diet Pill of 2013

Coming with a free bottle of the 3 Day Detox to jump start your weight loss, Lipofuze is the only formula that can help you to lose up to 10 pounds in your first 7 days! It helps you to defeat the idea that diet and exercise is the only way, because it seems like your body always works against you when you try to do that. In fact, there have been some reports of even 100 pounds, which is not often legitimately found with most diet pills.

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Burn Xtreme

Burn Xtreme

Burn Xtreme claims maximum potency weight loss results, allowing you to get amazing results with just one capsule per day! Burn Xtreme helps you to reduce appetite and food cravings while elevating mood and energy levels.

They say that Burn Xtreme will help you to get ripped fast with shocking results! Burn Xtreme is 3X as potent, maximum dose in 1 capsule, and they provide a 30 day supply.


Burn Xtreme uses a blend that can provide effective results. They use ingredients like the ever popular caffeine,a powerful thermogenic compound that can also increase natural energy levels.

They also use Irvingia Gabonensis, which allows you to get a stimulant free fat burning formula, which can help you to burn fat, suppress appetite, and lose more weight in various other ways. When used properly, this is the only ingredient that can control the obesity hormone leptin. And it only requires 150mg.

The other ingredients in Burn Xtreme continue to add to its effectiveness, helping many to lose more weight and achieve substantially better results for their money. It can help in many other ways to ensure that consumers like you are capable of more.

The Free Trial Scam

Burn Xtreme has so many good points. But they undermine all of this by using a “free trial offer.” A “free trial offer” is pushed as “try before you buy.” But companies like this most often rely on this tactic to trick consumers into buying their product. It gives you typically about 7 days after you actually receive the product before they start sending you a generally rather expensive auto ship. Why do this if you have a product people would choose to buy on their own?


Burn Xtreme is one of a kind. It seems to be a product that would actually promote potentially amazing weight loss benefits. Burn Xtreme has a strong formula with some uniquely effective ingredients. The problem is that it uses a “free trial offer”, which indicates a scam. The long of the short is this. Free trial offers take your credit card to pay for what they call shipping and handling. They start the clock the day you buy the product. And they give you 14 days to “try” the product. But then, they charge your card $80 every month! This is a rip off, even for an effective product!

Accordingly, we do have our doubts about Burn Xtreme. But at the same time, we recognize the possibilities with Burn Xtreme.

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