Lipofuze's Top Diet Pill of 2013

Coming with a free bottle of the 3 Day Detox to jump start your weight loss, Lipofuze is the only formula that can help you to lose up to 10 pounds in your first 7 days! It helps you to defeat the idea that diet and exercise is the only way, because it seems like your body always works against you when you try to do that. In fact, there have been some reports of even 100 pounds, which is not often legitimately found with most diet pills.

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Abdominal Cuts

Abdominal Cuts is a revolution in apparent technology using the power of good fatty acids to attack your fat and help you to build lean muscle mass at the same time. They claim that by using these healthy oils, you can do all this without actually using stimulants or causing unnecessary side effects often associated with stimulants. of course, this all sounds good. But does it actually come through? Does this product actually give you what you are looking for?


This formula has only healthy fats, which are completely stimulant and side effect free. In addition, CLA has been proven to burn more fat and build more muscle if you use about 4500mg, and sesamin, the active constituent of sesame oil, has been additionally shown to produce more results.


This formula doesn’t have the proven amounts of CLA, and most of the fats are good for the heart, they are not actually good for weight loss in general. CLA in all actuality produces an extra 3 pounds weight loss per year, and that’s only if you use the right amount, which they don’t. They don’t use anywhere near the needed 4500mg of CLA, let alone the needed amounts of anything else. This product is highly insufficient at best.


We would not recommend using Abdominal Cuts. It doesn’t help you to ultimately achieve greater results, and it doesn’t help you with anything else in general terms. Abdominal Cuts would be a severe waste of your time and money, and we would recommend finding something else that would actually work in general terms.

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